The Data Day Seattle Agenda

This is not the complete agenda! We are still awaiting final confirmation from speakers on flight itinerary, etc. Expect to see another 20 talks added over the next two days. We are holding advance ticket pricing another day or so. Take advantage of it!


Registration and Continental Breakfast (1st Floor Foyer)


Keynote Jonathon Morgan (New Knowledge / Data For Democracy) : This is Our Fight: Technology for Defending Public Discourse Room 405


Graph Keynote Haikal Pribadi (GRAKN.AI) : Databases: the past, the present, and the future in cognitive computing Room 405-6
Sanghamitra Deb (Chegg) : Evolution of Natural Language Comprehension with Human Machine Collaboration Room 407
Stefan Krawczyk (Stitch Fix) : Scaling Data Science at Stitch Fix Room 407


Zornitsa Kozareva (Amazon) : Conversational Assistants with Deep Learning Room 405
Josh Perryman (Expero) : Securing Federated Data with TinkerPop and how to handle the “search engine” problem Room 407
Yu Xu (TigerGraph) : TigerGraph - A Game Changer: A Complete High-Performance Graph Data & Analytics Platform Room 408


Rob McDaniel (Lingistic) : Detecting Bias in News Articles Room 401
Tyler Akidau (Google) : Foundations of Streaming SQL or: How I Learned to Love Stream & Table Theory Room 405-6
Dave Bechberger (Gene by Gene) : Graph Analytics - For Fun and Profit Room 407
Haikal Pribadi (GRAKN.AI) / Denis Vrdoljak (Berkeley Data Science) : GraphAI Predictions on Real-World Data Room 408


Buffet lunch (1st floor)


Jonathan Mugan (Deep Grammar) : Chatbots from First Principles Room 405
Trey Wilson (Expero) : Graph Representations in Machine Learning Room 407
Denise Gosnell (DataStax) : Everything is not a graph problem (but there are plenty) Room 408


Julia Silge (Stack Overflow) : TBD Room 401
Denny Lee / Shireesh Thota (Microsoft) : Build horizontally scalable graphs and real-time data science solutions with Azure Cosmos DB Room 405-6
Christian Miles (Cambridge Analytics) : Exploring the graph database landscape through graph visualization Room 407
David Gilardi (DataStax) : 3 ways to build a near real-time recommendation engine Room 408


Holden Karau (IBM) : Testing in Apache Spark 2+: avoiding the fail boat beyond RDDs Room 405-6
Sanghamitra Deb (Chegg) : Evolution of Natural Language Comprehension with Human Machine Collaboration. Room 401
John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science) : Machine Learning: From The Lab To The Factory Room 402-3
Alan Pita (Expero) : Interactive prototyping of Graph Applications with JanusGraph Room 407
William Lyon (Neo4j) : Applying an Active Learning Algorithm For Entity Deduplication In Graph Data Room 408


Afternoon Break - the bar is open


Garrett Eastham (Data Exhaust) : Bootstrapping Knowledge-bases from Text Room 401
Aravind Krishna R / Shireesh Thota (Microsoft) : A lap around Azure Cosmos DB: Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database Room 405-6
Mike Downie (Expero) : Graph Data Obfuscation Room 407
Kevin Madden (Tom Sawyer) : Case Study: Visualize and Analyze the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph Room 408


Jason Kessler (CDK Global) : Understanding Cultures and Perspectives through Text and Emjoi Visualization Room 401
Rachel Warren (Salesforce) : TBA Room 405-6
Denis Vrdoljak (Berkeley Data Science) / Gunnar Kleeman (Austin Capital Data) : Cheating at Keyword Bingo; for Recruiters and Applicants Room 407
Joshua Shinavier (Uber) : Evolution of the Graph Schema Room 408