Graph Day comes to Seattle

In June, we recently hosted the annual Graph Day Conference in San Francisco. Speakers came from all over the world to speak and present over 40 sessions. The leaders of every practically every major commercial graph project were in attendance, many meeting each other for the very first time. Quite a few folks from Seattle made the trek down to SF for the conference. Many more asked if we would host a graph day in Seattle -- so we are.
NOTE: Graph Day in Seattle is part of Data Day Seattle. Your Data Day Seattle ticket gets you into all the graph talks and workshops as well.

Who's speaking?

We've just begun to send invites to speakers, and will publish updates on this page as new speakers are confirmed.

(NEW) - Dave Bechberger (Houston)

Dave Bechberger is a Sr. Architect at Gene by Gene, a genetic genealogy and bioinformatics company, where he works extensively on developing their next-generation data architecture. Dave has spent his career engaging in full stack software development but specializes in building data architectures in complex data domains such as bioinformatics, oil and gas, supply chain management, etc. He uses his knowledge of graph and other big data technologies to build out highly performant and scalable systems. Dave has previously spoken at a variety of international technical conferences including NDC Oslo, NDC London, and Graph DayTexas.

Josh Perryman (Bryan / College Station) @joshperryman

Josh Perryman likes to play with data. Oftentimes this is implementing proprietary algorithms closer to the data for performance or scale. Sometimes it is ad-hoc investigation and analysis, a sort of exploratory querying. A few times he’s been able to leverage his experience with data engines for dramatic performance improvements. But the real joy is designing a schema for both functionality and performance, one which increases the productivity of other developers and enables a technology to solve new problems or deliver new value to the business.
But technology isn't just data, and he does more than just play with data. He’s worked with high performance computing (HPC) environments, taking computations from hours to minutes or seconds. He has built visualizations which deliver new insights into complex data domains. He’s managed technology personnel, both directly and indirectly, to deliver technology solutions. He’s have put together more types of technology components, software and hardware, than can be counted, because one of his fortes is solving problems by building sustainable systems.
Josh will also be offering a Thursday afternoon workshop: Hands-on Introduction to TinkerPop and the Gremlin Query Language.

Alan Pita (Austin)

Alan Pita, Graph Developer and Architect at Expero, has 20+ years of experience as a developer and architect for high-performance software-hardware systems scaling to multiple data centers with thousands of participating nodes each. He specializes in helping firms productize and monetize complex software technology from emerging research. He has three patents stemming from 10 years of work at IBM’s Server Division. He has led globally distributed technical teams, mined and managed agile product requirements, and built a proven track record of delivering boundary-defying technical innovations. Alan brings extensive technical experience in the areas of programming languages, complex SoC design, computer system architecture and functional design verification. Alan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. He is currently on hiatus from the Ph.D. program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a graduate of the IBM Leadership Excellence course.
Alan will be giving the following Graph Day Seattle presentation: Interactive prototyping of Graph Applications with JanusGraph

Haikal Pribadi (London) @ haikalpribadi

Haikal Pribadi is the Founder and CEO of GRAKN.AI, the database for AI. His interest in the field began at the Monash Intelligent Systems Lab, where he built an open source driver for the Parallax Eddie Robot which was then adopted by NASA. After which, he completed a masters degree in AI from the University of Cambridge. Haikal was also the youngest Algorithm Expert behind Quintiq’s Optimisation Technology behind some of the world’s largest supply chain systems in transportation, retail and logistics. He now works on GRAKN.AI, a distributed knowledge base with that uses machine reasoning to handle and interpret complex data. GRAKN.AI was recently awarded Product of the Year 2017 by the University of Cambridge Computer Lab.

Dr. Yu Xu (Redwood City)

Dr. Yu Xu is the President and founder of GraphSQL. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from UC San Diego. He is an expert in Big Data and Parallel Database Systems. He has 26 patents in parallel data management and optimization. He worked on Twitter’s data infrastructure and analytics for massive data analytics in Twitter. Before Twitter, as Teradata’s Hadoop architect and team leader, he led Teradata’s initiatives in Big Data.



Workshop: Gremlin / TinkerPop

As part of Graph Day Seattle, we've asked Josh Perryman of Expero to teach his Gremlin / TinkerPop workshop. You can find full details and registration here.