Recent interviews with Data Day Seattle Speakers

Below are interviews with some the speakers who will be at the upcoming Data Day Seattle 2016 . The interviews below were taken at the recent Data Day Texas and other of our events.

Dr. Steve Kramer - Founder, Paragon Science

Dr. Taylor Martin - Principal Learning Scientist, O'Reilly

Michelle Casbon - Senior Data Science Engineer, Idibon

Patrick McFadin - Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra, DataStax

Eric Sammer - CTO /Co-Founder, Rocana

Ryan Mitchell - Author, Web Scraping with Python

Holden Karau - Author, Learning Spark (2015), High Performance Spark (2016)

Dr. Denise Gosnell - Data Scientist, PokitDok

John Akred - Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Data Science

Nicole White - Neo4j

Juan Sequeda - Capsenta

Michael Berthold - Co-Founder, KNIME

Brent Schneeman - Principal Data Scientist, Homeaway


We'll be posting additional interviews over the next few weeks.